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Phoenix Fitness and Dance
Policies and Procedures

1.           Phoenix is pleased to welcome students of all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, sizes, and those with disabilities who are cleared for activity by their doctors. We welcome you informing us of your preferred pronouns and correcting us if we make a mistake. Please email us or talk to your instructors or the owner if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

2.           All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Memberships are for a 6 month contract, and at the end of 6 months members may go month-to-month, but must provide 30 days’ notice of cancellation of contract. Students may always choose to go up a level in number of classes, but cannot go down in number of courses during their contract or without 30 days written notice. Class packs are good for 3 months.

3.          Classes must be cancelled in the app  12 hours prior to class start time. Emails and messages will not be accepted. If you do not cancel in time you will lose your class credit unless you notify us

that you would prefer to pay a $10 fee. If you are more than 15 minutes late to class, you will not be able to participate in class and will lose your credit or need to pay the $10 fee. You must notify us AT LEAST two hours in advance to have the option of the $10 fee instead. We do not offer refunds or transfers of credit, so please pay attention when booking. All workshops, special guests, and private parties are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled or exchanged for another class or credit.

4.          All students in regular classes must be ages 18 and older. We do offer private and semi-private lessons for younger students, and we have a youth silks program for students ages 10-17. The youth program is separate from all other classes. We hope to expand on this program as we add more students. Phoenix reserves the right for any employee to request identification to verify a student's age.

5.          Students should bring their own yoga mat, microfiber cloth, and alcohol spray to each class, plus whatever items are required for the specific course you are taking such as socks, heels, kneepads, leggings, or grip aids. Please see your course description for items needed. If forgotten, most of these are available for purchase in the studio lobby. The studio does have yoga mats available to borrow, but they must be thoroughly wiped down at the end of the course, along with any equipment according to instructions by your class teacher. All sales from merchandise go towards helping us pay for equipment and making our studio even better!

6.          Poles should only be wiped down with 70% - 90% rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Mats, yoga blocks, straps, and lyras may be wiped down with alcohol or a disinfecting wipe. Please check with your instructor about using anything else. Do not use anything on your aerial fabric, as we take care of those. Remember to bring cleaning supplies with you, or you may purchase them in the lobby.

7.          Students are no longer required to wear masks in class, but are encouraged to do so if they wish. Equipment is socially distanced and we follow standard cleaning practices. Aerial equipment is not shared. In certain pole classes, one student who is comfortable doing so will share a pole with a vaccinated instructor or friend in their social group. If you are immune compromised or have not been vaccinated, we recommend wearing a mask, but do not require it at this time. We are closely monitoring case numbers and local laws and recommendations for safety.

8.          All jackets and coats should be hung on the coatrack in the lobby, and street shoes may be left anywhere near the chairs and coffee table. We encourage you to leave your bags and other belongings in this area as well and only take the items you need with you. But if you would like to take your bag into the class area, you are welcome to do so. Please leave any items in the studio on the sides of the studio and not at the front or back where the lights are, as our lights are delicate and videos look better that way.

9.          Respect! The Phoenix Fitness and Dance staff is made up of an eclectic group of talented and creative individuals in order to provide the widest range of styles for students to learn. We ask that you respect each instructor's teaching styles and methods (any comments can be discussed in private with the instructor or owner after class). Once class begins please respect your instructor's, as well as other students', time - pay close attention, do not speak over or interrupt an instructor during their lesson or while they are working with another student, do not perform tricks that an instructor has advised a spot on unless given permission, and save socialization for official breaks. Phoenix Fitness and Dance is a safe space - disrespect or harassment to any instructor or student will not be tolerated. No students should teach over another teacher or be disruptive in any way while an instructor is addressing the class. If at any time we feel you are being disrespectful or making anyone uncomfortable, we reserve the right to ask you not to come back for the comfort and safety of our other students and our staff.

10.          Do not apply any lotions or oils the day of your class for any apparatus, please wait until after class. All metal jewelry on the fingers and wrists, as well as large earrings, MUST be removed with the exception of

fitness watches with flexible bands. You may want to tape over body jewelry if it is new and not fully healed, or try to make sure it is not exposed until it heals further. These rules are both for your protection and the protection of our equipment. Please double check yourselves at the beginning of each class.

11.          Liability waivers must be signed before participating in your first class. They are available at the front desk. Covid-19 questionnaires must be filled out for each day that you attend classes or a private lesson. The link can be found on the website at the bottom of the schedule page, or in the app under its menu tab.

12.          Poles and lyras must be wiped down with alcohol  (you may use a disinfecting wipe on lyras) from bottom to as far up as you have used it. Instructors will care for the silks. If you or your instructor put your pole on spin for class, please ensure that it is put back on static at the end of class. If you use a pole with a removable pin, please make sure that the pin is put in the glass cup on the bookcase at the front of the room until the end of class and then put back in the pole at the end of class. You and your instructor are both responsible for getting your pole clean and back on static.


13.          Please check with your instructor or the owner periodically to see if you are in the right level. You must have permission to move up a level! Read the class descriptions on classes before enrolling in them to see if you meet the prerequisites. If instructors feel you have enrolled in a class that is unsafe for you without permission, we reserve the right to remove your enrollment and recommend another class. Our number one priority is the safety of our students and staff, and we encourage everyone to progress at their own pace. If you come to a class inappropriate for your level, we may ask you to do lower level variations or even sit out and watch depending on the situation. We have levels to ensure safety and so that everyone is getting the most out of classes in an efficient manner. 

14.          Customers must contact the studio prior to booking private lessons or private parties to ensure studio and instructor availability. The booking system has some quirks and may let you book something that is not actually available, so you must contact us to set up your lesson or group. We do not offer refunds.

15.          You must register for class in advance. Walk-ins are not permitted. Guests are not permitted to watch class.

16.          For safety reasons, if you miss warm up Phoenix instructors reserve the right to turn you away. 


For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the studio owner at

Youth Class Rules


  • To learn cool things, we have to follow the rules

  • When the instructor is talking, we are listening and off of the equipment

  • We will not swing on the equipment or touch equipment we are not using that day

  • We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves (even if we have a sibling or friend in class)

  • We will only use kind words about fellow students, instructors, and ourselves

  • If we don’t understand something, we will ask the instructor to explain it better

  • We will not instruct other students, even if we understand how to do the move

  • We will only practice moves that we learned in today’s class, unless we get permission from the instructor

  • We will only use electronics to record/take pictures of what we learned or to call our parents if necessary – we will only do this during designated times or with the permission of the instructor

  • I understand that if I do not follow these rules, I may be asked to sit out and miss class time



Rules for Parents


  • Please only sign your child up for classes if your child has the ability to pay attention to instruction and safely participate

  • Parents may come into the studio to drop off their child and may stay until warmup is done

  • We ask that parents do not stay for the entirety of the class, as it can be very distracting for the students

  • Parents may come into class for the last 15 minutes to record/take pictures of their child

  • Please try to only take record or photograph your child/children – if you get another child in the frame, please cut them out or sticker over the face when posting on social media

  • Understand that we may post your child’s photo on our social media pages and a photo release is part of the liability waiver – if you feel strongly about this, please inform the instructor and studio owner and cross out that section of your liability waiver, we will do our best not to get your child in any photos or videos

  • Please do not give instruction to your child (this is for the safety of everyone in the studio)

  • Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for class (form fitting clothing that covers the torso and legs, no jewelry, zippers, or sharp edges)

  • Please do not give your child a big meal right before class

  • Please make sure your child has a water bottle with them

  • Please bring cleaning supplies for your child to wipe down their mat – 70% or more alcohol and a microfiber cloth is preferable, but you may also use a disinfecting wipe for silks and lyra classes

  • Youth class passes are good for 6 months and are non-transferable/non-refundable. For all of our other classes, students must be 18+ to attend. Please make sure you register correctly. We do also offer private lessons for kids and teens according to instructor availability. 

  • Kids and teens must each have their own separate logins to book classes. They may not share an account with their parents or their siblings.

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